Are you interested in booking a food truck for your next event?  Check out these commonly asked questions to get you started.  We look forward to working with you!

  • What types of events can the food trucks accommodate?

Food trucks are capable of doing most any event.  Our coalition trucks regularly do everything from private parties and catering to large festivals.  Food trucks are an extremely easy and cost effective way to provide food at every type of event from weddings, to birthday parties and corporate events to community events.

  • How do I plan my next event using a gourmet food truck?

Determine how many guests you will have at your event and if the venue and parking is appropriate for a food truck. Then go to our Food Truck Directory and contact the truck of your choice OR you can complete our online form. 

  • Typically how many food trucks can feed how many people and for how long?

While each type of truck and food style is unique in what they can accommodate each truck can roughly feed 100 customers per hour on average.

  • Are permits and/or insurance required for my event?

If you are the property owner and the event is on private property then the owner of the property assumes the responsibility for having a truck at their event. If you are using public property then you will need to check with the city municipalities where the event is being held to determine what permits are necessary.

  • Is there a fee to book a food truck?

It is important to remember that each truck is an individual business and all have different charges and fee structures. When hiring several trucks they may work together to develop a fee structure for multiple trucks. Please keep in mind that each truck and food type carries different operating expenses that are unique to the individual business.